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The parish community rejoices in the rebirth in the water of Baptism of children born into our families.   Parents should contact the parish office to arrange a meeting and to receive information concerning the baptismal program expected of parents and godparents.


Catholics wishing to be married at St. Jude must be registered at least 4 months prior to beginning preparation and must be a fully initiated, practicing Catholic.  Before setting any dates, please call the Parish Office (352-347-0154) at the time of your engagement or at least 4 months in advance of selecting a possible wedding date.


  • For adults who wish to grow in their faith
  • For Those interested in the Catholic Church and how to become a member


Whenever you are scheduled to be admitted to the hospital, or having a minor outpatient procedure, please make an appointment to be anointed.   Father will anoint you at Mass or in private, if you wish.

  • Hospital:  Call the Parish Office 352-347-0154
  • At home:  Call the Parish Office during the week to make an appointment.   We will visit and bring you Holy Communion on Sundays


We encourage all who attend St. Jude parish to register and become full members of our church family. In order to be married, to prepare your child for Baptism, to be considered as a Godparent or Sponsor, receive the Sacraments in a Catholic Church, etc. you must be actively registered in the parish. This means that you receive offertory envelopes or have made other arrangements to support your parish. Registration cards can be found in the Parish Office or on the rack outside the office. Please join the family of St. Jude parish. If you are already registered but your information has changed (address, name, etc.) please contact the office at 352-347-0154 and advise us of the change(s). Thank you.


Mass intentions are wonderful spiritual blessings / prayers for a loved one.  It is recommended that the donor(s) of the Mass or the donor’s representatives take part in bringing up the gifts at Offertory and receive a blessing from the priest.

If you requested the Mass being celebrated or you are a living person for whom the Mass is offered and you would like to bring up the gifts, kindly arrive for the Mass at least 15 minutes early and inform the ushers so that adequate arrangements are made before Mass begins.  Without this prior arrangement, the ushers will simply assign the role to someone else.